Advanced Passenger Information (APIS) requires the collection of specific information from every passenger travelling from/to the US, Canada and other countries. This information is required for the purposes of ensuring aviation safety and security.

Please complete your details below and click the Submit button, and your APIS data will be transmitted.

If you are unable to complete the form or are travelling using a US passport, please call us on 02380 248248 for further instructions.

General Details

Booking reference
(6 letter reference found on the same line of your itinerary as the customer no)
Email address
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Mobile Phone number
(For airline emergency contact purposes only)

Please note
Your email address and phone number will NOT be used for marketing purposes.
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Country  (2 letter country code: eg United States = US, Canada = CA)
Street address
State/Province  (2 letter code if known)
Zip/Postal Code  (excluding state code)

Passenger Details - please complete as per your passport for each passenger. Then click   

Gender Forename and middle names as on passport Surname Country of passport nationality Date of birth
Passenger 1     Passport -> Number Issuing Country Expiry
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